10 Things Kids Want from Their Teachers

Everyone needs something from everyone else. No one is that selfless to be on the giving end all the time. Be it a token of appreciation or a simple thank you, we all expect something in return, knowingly and unknowingly. That is human nature.

Hence, it is no surprise that even children expect certain things. This is not just from their parents who are constant providers but also from their teachers who they feel ought to provide them with much more than just education.

Do you know what your kids want from their teachers? Quizzical? Continue reading to find out the ten most longed for things that children wish they had from their teachers.

  1. They want to be greeted with a smile every time. Be it good mornings or the goodbyes, they feel that they are important to teachers.
  2. They love attention. Not just scolding or punishing them but applauding them or discussing how to progress further with them are also expected.
  3. They would love it if teachers took a minute of their time to just see the world through the eyes of the children and encourage them to follow their passion if it seems
  4. They not only want a challenging task but they would also appreciate if you lend a helping hand or provide hints on how it could be done.
  5. They love to ask questions, after all, they are the world’s most inquisitive minds but what they would love more is for you to encourage them asking questions and providing answers to your best of capabilities.
  6. They also want their classes to be fun. No child would ever miss an interesting class.
  7. They prefer teachers to teach with passion and not just spend an hour lecturing the class about the Big Bang Theory.
  8. Then and there, children would never mind teachers who would hand over simple goodies as treats for good work or better grades from a simple store such as the DoodleBuckets. They love the motivation.
  9. They respect their teachers but respect is mutual and hence they too expect their teachers to respect them in terms of their work, their time, their background, and never to discriminate them.
  10. Most importantly, they expect you to trust them and believe that they can do things by themselves and that they are saying the truth.