10 Activities For Kids When There Is No School

One of the most difficult tasks in the world is to keep the children engaged when there is no school. As it is parents are busy with their chores at home and work outside home, so they really need to think hard to come up with good ideas that can keep the kids occupied, productively and safely.

  1. Children can learn some activity- like singing, dancing or playing an instrument etc.
  2. Get them art material and they can spend hours creating something new. This can include origami or beads, or clay.
  3. Painting can be another creative activity that children enjoy and some fun times can help to create artwork.
  4. Get them enrolled in a sewing class. This is a practical and useful hobby and can be taught as an essential activity to every child- at least some basics.
  5. You can buy specially designed educational games for kids that can help them be entertained for hours at websites like DoodleBuckets. With thousands of innovative and interactive games children will be safe and learn something at the same time.
  6. Book clubs are amazingly beneficial for kids. They will learn to read and understand books- vocabulary and writing skills will also improve.
  7. They can join some cooking classes. This is a skill that every child should have and is very useful.
  8. Allow the kids to join in some of the chores at home. They can clean their own rooms and you can reward them with their favorite healthy foods.
  9. Kids of an appropriate age can also help you with washing the car. Be there to supervise and ensure their safety.
  10. Kids love to get their hands dirty. Allow them some space in the garden where they can sow seeds, water and grow a little patch of vegetables.

This list can go on and on. Children can be kept occupied with the smallest of the activities as long as it is interesting and fun.…