How to Teach the Importance of Education to Children – A Complete Guide

As adults we know that education is the ticket to one’s dreams; it is the passport that will take you across all the hurdles that life presents. But do you know how to teach your child about the importance of education? While some kids are naturals to learning, majority resist learning and it can be challenging for a parent to deal with such kids.

It is important that parents adopt a positive attitude and saddle themselves with loads of patience before embarking on this journey.

  1. Practice what you preach: Children learn more from seeing than from talks and lectures. Hence, you must include reading books and newspapers in your daily routine for your child to emulate and follow. Inculcate the joy of being informed and knowledgeable from young and develop a quest for knowledge from a very young age.
  2. Impress on the child’s mind the importance of school. Showcase to them the many benefits of schools like being able to play and interact with other children, the ability to learn new things, go to places of interest. Sit with your kids during their study time and show your interest in what they do; this will encourage them to take their education more seriously.
  3. Invest in educational websites and allow your child t explore the world of knowledge at this pace and its scope of understanding. Children are curious by nature; when their innate curiosity is met, they blossom and learn.
  4. Quote examples of famous men and women who have studied hard and worked up their way in life to be achievers.
  5. Do not restrict education to just books and schools; take your kids to museums, enroll them in workshops, arrange for playdates with an underlying theme of science, math, history etc. and show them that learning can be fun.
  6. Subtly include their lessons in daily routine and see how the seed to learn blossoms in them.

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