Literature Scholarships and Grants

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Scholarship Name Scholarship Value Deadline
Apply $62,000 Columbia University International Postdoctoral Humanities Fellowship 2017/2018 – USA $62,000. 07/01/2017

Description: The Columbia Society of Fellows in the Humanities, with grants from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the William R. Kenan Trust, will appoint a number of postdoctoral fellows in the humanities for the academic year 2017-2018.

Columbia University - Society of Fellows in the Humanities - Postdoctoral Fellowship $62,000 annual stipend. Anticipated 10/2017 ( Previous deadline 10/3/2016 )

Fellowships support postdoctoral research exploring and clarifying the interrelationships within the humanities as well as their relationship to the natural and social sciences. Fellows carry out their research and teach within humanities departments at Columbia University. During the first year, fellows teach one course per semester. At least one of these courses will be in the undergraduate general education program: Contemporary Civilization, Literature Humanities, Music Humanities, Art Humanities, Asian Civilizations, Asian Humanities, or Global Cultures, including those of Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East. In the second and third year, fellows teach one course per year. The fellowship offers one year of support, and is renewable for a second and third year.

Fellowship Competition $61,000 10/06/2017

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation awards postdoctoral fellows in the humanities an opportunity to research and lecture at Columbia University for up to 3 years. Fellows are appointed as Lecturers in appropriate departments at Columbia University, located in New York City, and as postdoctoral research fellows. In the first year, Fellows teach one course per semester: at least one of these courses will be in the undergraduate general education program of the University. In years two and three, Fellows teach one course per year. At least two of the three courses taught in the first two Fellowship years must be in the Core, which includes Contemporary Civilization, Literature Humanities, Music Humanities, Art Humanities, Asian Civilizations, Asian Humanities, or Global Cultures, including those of Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East. The Society seeks to enhance the role of the humanities in the University by exploring and clarifying the interrelationships within the humanities as well as their relationship to the natural and social sciences.

Berlin Prize $60,000 09/30/2017

The American Academy In Berlin offers 24 fellowships for postdoctoral scholars to engage in independent study for up to one year. The Berlin Prize is a residential fellowship for a wide variety of disciplines designed to a establish a fellow in Berlin and internationally. Fellowships range from a length of six weeks to a full academic year. The fall semester typically begins in early September.

Albright Institute of Archaeological Research Fellowships (Jerusalem) $50,400 10/01/2017

American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR) and Albright Institute offer awards for up to 1 year for Ph.D. candidates and postdocs to do research in Jerusalem. The Albright Institute of Archaeological Research, located near the Old City of Jerusalem, includes a research library, workshops, computer facilities, and a residence with a hostel and apartments. The library, dedicated to ancient Near Eastern studies, contains more than 30,000 volumes, journal titles, and significant map and artifact collections.

ARIT/NEH Fellowships $50,400 November 1

Applicant must be a United States citizen or three-year resident affiliated with the U.S. who has completed formal training in their field of study (in the areas of humanities or interdisciplinary aspects of cultural history).
Program provides longer term support for advanced research in all fields of humanities, including prehistory, history, art, archaeology, literature, and linguistics as well as interdisciplinary aspects of cultural history. The fellowship tenures range fro
maintenance and research expenses in Turkey
Award schedule pends due to funding.
Study areas: humanities and interdisciplinary aspects of cultural history

Society Fellowships $50,000 10/01/2017

The Society for the Humanities at Cornell University (SCH) offers 6-8 fellowships for scholars who are working on topics related to an annual theme. The Society encourages applicants to investigate the cultural, social, artistic, philosophical, and political implications of the theme. The theme for the 2016-17 fellowship cycle is "Skin". Fellows are encouraged to offer an informal seminar related to their research. Cornell University is located in Ithaca, New York.

American Graduate Fellowships $50,000 October 17

Applicants must be graduating seniors or recent graduates of an eligible undergraduate institution. Applicants must intend to enter a doctoral program in one of the eligible fields of study during the subsequent academic year. Applicants must be citizens of the United States.
Recipient must remain in good standing in order to renew the award.
Study areas: fine arts, history,literature and languages, philosophy

Yale Institute of Sacred Music - Postdoctoral Fellowship $42,000-$50,000 (depending on teaching duties) plus health benefits. Anticipated 11/2017 ( Previous deadline 11/1/2016 )

Fellowships support scholars whose work relates to the fields of sacred music, liturgical/ritual studies, or religion and the arts. Scholars in the humanities or the social or natural sciences whose work is directly related to these areas are also encouraged to apply. Fellows undertake a substantive and original project that relates to the mission of the Institute. This could be original scholarship, an art exhibition, a musical composition, or work of creative writing, etc. Some teaching is also required. Fellows are expected to live within a 10-mile radius of campus. The fellowship typically offers support for one year, though in rare circumstances it may be granted for two or three years.

University of Pennsylvania - McNeil Center for Early American Studies (MCEAS) - Barra Postdoctoral Fellowship $44,000 annual stipend. Anticipated 11/2017 ( Previous deadline 11/1/2016 )

Fellowships support projects focusing on the histories and cultures of North America and the Atlantic world before 1850. The fellow will teach two courses in an appropriate department at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. The remainder of the fellow’s time will be devoted to research and writing. While this fellowship is particularly appropriate for projects designed to turn a doctoral dissertation into a publishable monograph, any proposal falling with in the Center's area of interest will be considered. The Fellowship is for two years.

Hench Post-Dissertation Fellowship $35,000 10/15/2017

The American Antiquarian Society (AAS) awards a yearlong fellowship to provide an opportunity for scholars to research and revise dissertations for publication. Candidates will conduct post-dissertation research relevant to the Society's library collections and programmatic scope: American history and culture through 1876. A multitude of topics are compatible for the Hench Fellowship as long as it is relevant to the society's library collections. This fellowship will last 12 months and is located in Worcester, Massachusetts. If desired, there are accommodations that fellows can rent to stay in.

American Antiquarian Society (AAS) - Hench Post-Dissertation Fellowship

Stipend of $35,000.

Anticipated 10/2017 ( Previous deadline 10/15/2016 )

Hench Fellowships provide recipients with time and resources to extend research and/or to revise the dissertation for publication. Any topic relevant to the Society's library collections and programmatic scope--that is, American history and culture through 1876--is eligible. Applicants may come from such fields as history, literature, American studies, political science, art history, music history, and others relating to America in the period of the Society's coverage. The Society welcomes applications from those who have advance book contracts, as well as those who have not yet made contact with a publisher. Recipients are expected to be in residence throughout the Hench Post-Dissertation Fellow's tenure. The fellowship is for twelve months.

Hench Post-Dissertation Fellowship $35,000 October 15

Applicant must be a scholar who is no more than three years beyond receipt of their doctorate. Award is a year-long residential fellowship at the American Antiquarian Society to revise their dissertation for publication.
Award is a 12-month stipend.

Scholars-in-Residence Program $30,000 December 1

The Schomberg Center, located in the New York Public Library (NYPL), has collections about people of African descent and funds 6 months of research. This program is made possible by the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) and the Ford Foundation. The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture is in Harlem, New York and is a research unit of NYPL. The Center carries out research on African-American, African Diaspora, and African experiences. Researchers will participate in lectures, publications, and seminars.

H.E. Dr Issa Ghanim Jassim Al-Kawari Scholarship for Masters Students at SOAS University of London, UK £25,000. 06/01/2017

SOAS, University of London offers H.E. Dr Issa Ghanim Jassim Al-Kawari Scholarship for full-time masters (MA and MSc) degree programmes at SOAS. The scholarship focuses on the study of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. These scholarships are open to UK/EU and Overseas students to enable them to undertake a range of full-time Taught Masters programmes SOAS, University of London is a public research university in London, England, and a constituent college of the University of London. Founded in 1916, it is regarded as one of the leading universities in Europe. Scholarships are available for pursuing full-time masters (MA and MSc) degree programmes in following subjects: Full-time MA Ancient Near Eastern Languages (in the Department of the Languages and Cultures of the Near and the Middle East) with a focus on the languages of the GCC region full-time MA Arabic Literature (in the Department of the Languages and Cultures of the Near and the Middle East) with a focus on the literature of the GCC region full-time MSc Economics with reference to the Middle East (in the Department of Economics, Faculty of Law and Social Sciences) with a focus on the GCC region full-time MA History of Arts and Architecture of the Islamic Middle East (in the Department of History of Art and Archaeology, Faculty of Arts and Humanities) with a focus on the art of the GCC region full-time MA Islamic Societies and Cultures (in the Department of the Languages and Cultures of the Near and the Middle East) with a focus on the GCC region full-time MA Islamic Studies (in the Department of the Languages and Cultures of the Near and the Middle East) with a focus on the GCC region full-time MA Media and the Middle East (in the Centre for Media Studies, Faculty of Arts and Humanities) with a focus on the media of the GCC region full-time MSc Middle East Politics (in the Department of Politics and International Studies, Faculty of Law and Social Sciences) with a focus on the politics of the GCC region full-time MA Near and Middle Eastern Studies (in the Department of the Languages and Cultures of the Near and the Middle East) with a focus on the GCC region Part-time programmes are not eligible. Worth of Award The total value of the scholarship is £25,000.  Fees will be deducted from this amount and the remainder can be used for maintenance. Eligibility The following criteria must be met in order for applicants to be eligible for the scholarship: Applicants must possess a First Class Honours degree, from a UK institution or overseas equivalent. Applicants must have provided evidence in the statement of their admission application of: Their motivation and commitment to their chosen programme; Their leadership potential and demonstrated engagement in their community and the world beyond; Why they would be unable to fund their studies without this scholarship Applicants must have an offer of admission to pursue one of the eligible full-time programmes at SOAS by the scholarship application deadline. Applicants must meet the English language condition of their offer of admission to study at SOAS as soon as possible but no later than 1 June 2017.  If your offer is conditional on English, please arrange your English test and ensure you meet the English requirements as soon as possible. Open to UK/EU and Overseas applicants The scholarship cannot be held along with any other major scholarship or studentship. How to Apply There is a two-step procedure: STEP 1: Apply for your programme You must submit a complete on-line application for admission. Applicants must have an offer of admission to pursue one of the eligible full-time programmes at SOAS by the scholarship application deadline. A complete application for admission includes transcripts, an explanation of the grading system for any degrees obtained outside of the UK, two references, CV and a personal statement.  The panel will be considering your scholarship application TOGETHER with your on-line application for admission.   Please note that complete applications for admission can take up to 4 weeks to be considered by the Department, although this duration can vary depending on the time of the year.  You should be prepared to wait up to 6 weeks in busy periods. It is recommended to apply for the programme about six weeks BEFORE the scholarship deadline (that is, by 11 January 2017). STEP 2: Apply for the scholarship by 17:00 (The UK local time) on 22 February 2017. You must apply for this scholarship via the on-line scholarship application form, which will be available here on 24 January 2017. Deadline: Scholarship application deadline is February 22, 2017. Click here for more details and to apply

Humanities Scholars Program $22,000 November 1 (Priority)

Award also covers a junior-year semester of study abroad.
Renewable for up to four years if recipient maintains a minimum 3.0 GPA (3.25 for some programs).
Study areas: American studies, Africana studies, history, languages, literature, philosophy

Rome Prize Fellowship $21,000 November 15

Applicant must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident for at least three years at the time of application.
Award includes stipend, meals, a bedroom with private bath, and a study or studio.
Study areas: architecture, design, historic preservation and conservation, landscape architecture, literature (awarded only by nomination through the American Academy of Arts and Letters), musical composition, visual arts, ancient studies, medieval studies, Renaissance and early modern studies, modern Italian studies.

Social Science Research Council (SSRC) - International Dissertation Research Fellowship (IDRF) Program

Average $20,000.

Anticipated 11/2017 ( Previous deadline 11/1/2016 )

Fellowships support graduate students in the humanities and humanistic social sciences who are enrolled in PhD programs in the US and conducting dissertation research on non-US topics. The research must be conducted, in whole or in part, outside of the US. The research may be grounded in a single site, informed by broader cross-regional and interdisciplinary perspectives or multi-sited, comparative and transregional. The fellowship is for 9-12 months.

International Dissertation Research Fellowship (IDRF) $20,000 11/03/2017

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation offers 80 fellowships for 9-12 months to US PhD scholars doing dissertation research outside the United States on non-US topics. The fellowship includes participation in a Social Science Research Council (SSRC)-funded interdisciplinary workshop upon the completion of IDRF-funded research. Fellows in the humanities and humanistic social sciences will carry out research proposals that do not focus predominantly on United States. The program invites proposals for dissertation research conducted, in whole or in part, outside the United States, on non-US topics.

Dissertation Fellowships for Republic of China Students Abroad $18,000 10/15/2017

Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange offers fellowships for Chinese citizens and PhD students who are writing their dissertation. These fellowships are awarded annually to support doctoral candidates in the writing of their dissertations. These grants are intended to provide support for research on topics related to Chinese culture and society, the development of the Republic of China, or Taiwan Studies. Their dissertations should cover fields in the humanities or social sciences. Successful applicants will work on a project that advances the field of Chinese Studies.

Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange - Doctoral Fellowship for ROC Students Abroad

Up to $18,000.

Anticipated 10/2017 ( Previous deadline 10/15/2016 )

Fellowships support dissertation write-up in research on Chinese Studies. The Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation is a nonprofit organization headquartered in Taipei, the capital of the Republic of China. The Foundation promotes international scholarly exchange and the understanding of Chinese culture and society overseas. Successful candidates are expected to complete their dissertations by the end of the one-year grant period.

The Dan David Prize Scholarships (Worth US$15,000) for International Doctoral Students,2017 $15,000 12/28/2017

Description: Every year the Dan David Prize awards 20 scholarships of US$15,000 each to outstanding doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers. The Dan David Prize is a joint international corporation, endowed by the Dan David Foundation and headquartered at Tel Aviv University. The Dan David Prize recognizes and encourages innovative and interdisciplinary research that cuts across traditional boundaries and paradigms. It aims to foster universal values of excellence, creativity, justice, democracy and progress and to promote the scientific, technological and humanistic achievements that advance and improve our world. The Dan David Prize covers three time dimensions –

APPLY: Oxford-Thatcher Graduate Scholarships for International Students in UK, 2017-2018 £14,296. 12/18/2017

Description: The University of Oxford is pleased to offer Thatcher Graduate Scholarships for international students to pursue the postgraduate degree for the academic year 2017-2018. The scholarship will cover 100% of University and college fees and a grant for living costs of at least £14,296. The aims of the Thatcher Scholarships are to foster academic excellence, to support individuals who have a determination to succeed and to equip them to excel in their chosen field. Applicants must have proof of competence in written and spoken English (Support for improving English language skills may be provided by the Language Learning Centre at Oxford).

APPLY: Oxford-Thatcher Graduate Scholarships ( £14,296 Worth) for MENA Countries 2017/2018 £14,296. 12/18/2017

Description:  Applications are invited for

Aberystwyth University’s AberDoc PhD Scholarship Scheme in UK, 2017 £14,296 12/30/2017

The Aberystwyth University offers a package of research and training for full-time PhD students. These prestigious AberDoc scholarships are now open to UK/EU and Non-EU students who wish to study for a full-time PhD commencing in September 2017. These awards aim to develop the necessary skills required to meet applicant’s career choices and offer a breadth of development opportunities to enhance their research, teaching and transferable skills. University mission is to facilitate growth and development, and to challenge boundaries, helping students and staff to contribute to human Endeavour by unlocking their own talents. It seeks to nurture ability in all areas, share best practice, and remove institutional barriers to achievement. International and EU applicants will need to show evidence of a sufficient knowledge of English. This must be proved before the applicant begins their course. If they have not achieved the required level before sending their application, their formal offer for postgraduate study will include a condition stating that they need to achieve this level before the start of their course. If they do not reach the required level of proficiency, it will not be possible to admit them onto the course.

Huntington Fellowships $12,500 December 15

Applicant must hold a Ph.D. or equivalent or be a doctoral candidate at dissertation stage. Selection is based upon the value of the project, the ability of the applicant, and the degree to which special strengths of the library will be utilized. Recipients are expected to be in residence throughout their tenure.
Study areas: American history, American literature, art history, British history, British literature, history of science

Eurasian Regional Languages Grant $10,000 March 1; April 1; October 15

Award is for advanced and intermediate language study in the countries of the NIS (New Independent States): Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan. Three competitions per year.
Study areas: Foreign languages

Predoctoral Fellowships $7,500 01/01/2075

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)'s Center for 17th and 18th Century Studies offers a 1-3 month PhD fellowship for dissertation work. These fellowships are available to University of California (UC) doctoral candidates whose dissertation research involves the area of seventeenth and eighteenth century studies or one of the other areas represented in the UCLA William Andrews Clark Memorial Library's collection. The Clark Library has rare books, manuscripts, with a strength in in English literature and history (1641-1800), Oscar Wilde, and fine printing.

Advanced Russian Language and Area Studies Fellowship $6,000 March 1 (summer); October 15 (spring)

Awarded to undergraduate and graduate students to study in Moscow, St. Petersburg or Vladimir.
Study areas: Russian

IRA Jeanne S. Chall Research Fellowship $6,000 November 1

Applicants must be doctoral students planning or beginning their dissertation on one of the following topics in the field of reading: beginning reading, readability, reading difficulty, stages of reading development, the relation of vocabulary to reading and diagnosing and teaching adults with limited reading ability. Applicants must also be members of the International Reading Association.

Stephanie G. Hoffman Scholarship Fund $5,000 November 1

Applicant must be a Jewish undergraduate or graduate student who has been accepted to or is attending an accredited college or university program and is majoring in library science, English literature, or related field with the intention of working with underserved children to excite them through reading to pursue higher education. Applicant's parents must be permanent residents of the greater San Francisco Bay Area.
Renewable if recipient maintains financial need and a minimum 3.0 GPA; re-application required.
Study areas: English literature, library science, or related field

E. Catherine Barclay Scholarship $5,000 December 15

Award is for full-time study at the U de Bourgogne in Dijon, France. Applicant must have a minimum 3.2 GPA and sufficient ability in oral and written French. Selection is based upon academic merit and extracurricular activities demonstrating good citizenship. Award is in Canadian dollars.
Awarded every other year.

Bridging Scholarships for Study Abroad in Japan $4,000 October 8

Applicants must be undergraduates, U.S. citizens and be enrolled in a U.S. college. Study in Japan must be for at least three months and take place during the academic year (summer programs are not eligible). Students must submit a letter of recommendation and an essay on their interest in studying in Japan.

Houtan Scholarships $3,500 June 1 and October 1.

To support students who have high academic performance and proven interest in promoting Iran's great culture.

German Studies Research Grant $2,500 May 1; November 1

Applicant must have completed at least two years of college-level German and at least three German studies courses. Nomination by a department chair is required.
Funds to offset research costs/summer earnings requirements. Not for study abroad programs.
Study areas: German studies

American Research Institute in Turkey (ARIT) / National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) - Postdoctoral Fellowship for Research in Turkey

$2,400 per month for 4-12 months.

Anticipated 11/2017 ( Previous deadline 11/1/2016 )

ARIT offers fellowships to postdoctoral scholars engaged in all periods of history in Turkey, including humanistically oriented aspects of the social sciences, prehistory, history, art, archaeology, literature, and linguistics, as well as interdisciplinary aspects of cultural history. The fellowship offers support for four to twelve contiguous months.

Northern Illinois University Library - Horatio Alger Fellowship for the Study of American Popular Culture

$2,000 stipend.

Anticipated 5/2017 ( Previous deadline 5/31/2016 )

Funding is available to scholars who plan to use materials from the Libraries’ major holdings in American popular culture. These holdings include the Albert Johannsen and Edward T. LeBlanc Collections of more than 50,000 dime novels, the nation’s preeminent collections related to Horatio Alger, Jr., and Edward Stratemeyer. Eligible collections also include our comic book, science fiction and fantasy literature, and American Popular Literature Collections. Topics which could draw on the collections’ strengths might include the plight of urban children, image of the American West in popular literature, widespread use of pseudonyms and stereotypical portrayals. Research must take place between July 1 and December 31, 2016.

Leif and Inger Sjöberg Awards $2,000 June 1.

To encourage the English translation of Scandinavian literature of the last two centuries.

National Sporting Library & Museum (NSLM) - Daniels Short-Term Research Fellowship Up to $2,000 per month stipend. Anticipated 6/2017 ( Previous deadline 6/15/2016 )

The fellowship supports research in history, art, literature, anthropology, and sport, with research projects ranging from the architecture of horse stables, history of horsemanship, equestrian fashion, and poetry, to falconry, veterinary science, environmental conservation and fly fishing. Fellows have access to the NSLM library and art collections in Middleburg, Virginia. The fellowship is for up to two months.

American Heraldry Society - William Barton Graduate Scholarship

Up to $1,500.

Anticipated 7/2017 ( Previous deadline 7/31/2016 )

Barton Scholarships support master's and doctoral students conducting research on heraldry (coats of arms, seals, badges and related symbols) within the United States and its territories and possessions. Eligible disciplines include, but are not limited to, history, literature, law, anthropology, sociology, political science/government, archaeology, art history, architecture and design, and communication studies. The scholarship is for one year.

Research Travel Within the U.S. for Japanese Studies $1,500 October 1; February 1

Applicant must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident performing research on Japan and wish to use museum, library, or other archival materials located in the U.S. Award is primarily intended to support postdoctoral research; pre-doctoral dissertation research may be considered.

LIT Scholarship for Excellence $1,000 May 31

Applicant must be a current student member of LIT (which requires being in the top 35% of class, having a minimum 3.5 GPA in at least 12 semester hours of literature, having a 3.0 cumulative GPA, and being in the fifth college semester) who is sponsored by an active chapter. Selection is based upon the quality of the applicant's scholarly or creative writing as evaluated by a committee. Application and writing sample are required.
Study areas: English/English literature, literature of all languages

R.L. Gillette Scholarships $1,000 May 31.

To provide scholarships in the field of literature or music to persons who are blind or visually impaired.

Cavett Robert Scholarship $1,000 June 1

Applicants must be full-time students majoring or minoring in speech. Selection is based on application, essay, recommendation and college transcript.

Bill Gove Scholarship $1,000 June 1

Applicants must be full-time students majoring or minoring in speech. Selection is based on application, essay, recommendation and college transcript.

Charles R. Morris Student Research Award $1,000 June 15

Awarded to applicants from accredited programs performing research in oral and maxillofacial radiology. Applicant must be a full-time undergraduate or pre-doctoral student at the time of research, be nominated by the institution where research was carried out, and submit a manuscript detailing the research project. Selection is based upon clarity of conceptual definition, adequacy of literature review, originality, soundness of methodology, significance of contribution to oral and maxillofacial radiology, and manuscript format and style.
Study areas: Dentistry, dental hygeine

Instructional Materials Grant for Japanese Studies $1,000 October 1; February 1

Award is for purchase of audiovisual materials to accompany workshops or to be used in ongoing classroom instruction in Japan-related courses. Applicant must specify in which course materials will be used, estimated enrollment for the course, and exact title of requested materials.

Couponbirds "Help to Save" Scholarship $500 10/21/2017

To assist students in reducing their tuition fee burden and collect their smart ways of saving money, couponbirds starts the Couponbirds "Help to Save" Scholarship program. The most sparkling idea and response will be drawn to present at our site and rewarded with prize.

Oregon Literary Fellowships Unspecified June 24.

To help Oregon writers initiate, develop or complete literary projects in poetry, fiction, literary nonfiction, drama and young readers literature.

Jacob Javits Fellowship Unspecified August 31

Applicant must not have completed his or her first year of graduate school and the fifth year of a five-year baccalaureate/master's degree is applicable. Applicant must demonstrate financial need and submit a FAFSA application.
Renewable for a maximum of four years.