College Opportunities & Scholarships for African American Women

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In this ever-progressing world, women in most countries are still considered to be the "weaker sections", depriving them from attaining a prosperous career. Especially in case of women of the minority group - African Americans, financial backing for academics is largely weak. However, the concept seems to be rapidly changing, thanks to scholarships for African American women. These programs are providing with that much-needed monetary support for those ladies who dare to dream. It is an appreciation of their will to study and build a self-dependent career. Do you belong to the same group? Well, you can definitely go ahead with this option.

What Are African American Women Scholarships

As scholarship programs are, you can accept them as monetary gifts, without having to repay the amount back. There are different scholarships specifically designed for African American women; you can certainly apply for. While some programs will bear only the tuition expense, others also bear your expenditure from tuition to daily expense.
When you move ahead towards higher education, you won’t be just confined to the pages of your textbooks. Rather, a whole world of opportunities will be opening doors to you. Being an African American lady, feel proud of your ethnicity and grab the offer of this financial support.

The General Criteria for Applying for African American Women Scholarships

  1. Of course, you should be an African American woman.
  2. You should have originals of all necessary documents.
  3. You should have an excellent score in your test (wherever applicable).
  4. Throughout your academic career so far, you must have good records.
  5. You must be willing to give more efforts after pursuing your desired discipline.

Above are the general requirements of candidates. Apart from these, there are other specific criteria as well in different scholarships. Make sure to check those properly.

How to Get Scholarships for African American Women and Avoid Scams

Truth is, there are many scholarship fraudsters who will give you lucrative offers asking for money in return. Again, they will guarantee you regarding the award, assuring you with flowery statements. Do not fall into their trap! Fact is, no fee is required for applying and availing a scholarship program. And none can guarantee even. Availing those monetary awards depend on your skill and eligibility criteria mentioned above.
So, where can you get authentic scholarships from?

  • The financial aid center of your academic institution. You can also search in centers of the institution for which you will apply.
  • Authentic online websites contain verified lists of scholarships, specifically for African American women. This is a more convenient option as you will get all the details on one platform.

Wait! Before applying for scholarships for African American women, you must take note of certain factors:

  1. Don’t procrastinate and do your research early. This will give you the required time for preparation.
    2. Check out the deadline for the programs and make sure to complete your application procedure within the due dates.

Are you ready to search for the available options? Why not check out the African American women scholarships listed below? These might be of help!

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Featured Scholarships for African American Women
Scholarship Name Scholarship Value Deadline
Couponbirds "Help to Save" Scholarship $500 10/21/2017
Charlotte McGuire Education Scholarship Award Program $10,000 unspecified
American Association of University Women (AAUW) - Selected Professions Fellowships


EAR Postdoctoral Fellowship (EAR-PF) $87,000 01/12/2017
Generation Google Scholarship $10,000 01/15/2017
AT&T Labs Fellowship Program unspecified 01/15/2017
Thurgood Marshall Dissertation Fellowship $25,000 02/01/2017
Pre-Doctoral Fellowship $30,000 03/01/2017
P.O. Pistilli Undergraduate Scholarship for Advancement in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering $4,000 March 7
University of Iowa - Iowa Women's Archives - Kerber Fund Travel Grant


Anticipated 4/2017 ( Previous deadline 4/1/2016 )
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