College Opportunities & Scholarships for Black Women

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The social stigma has always spread concepts of racism and gender biases as an epidemic affecting the so-called "minority" group. Being a black woman was nothing less than getting marked with a tag that they have restricted opportunity to portray their capabilities. This is why the modern liberal personalities of the educational system are trying to introduce egalitarianism in the form of scholarships for black women. They deserve to get the chance like any other women to have a better career with proper educational qualification to support their motives. Let these scholarships brighten your future!

What Are Black Women Scholarships

The African American students had to face a lot of discrimination in every field. The root of development and establishment for any person is education, which they were getting deprived of for a long time. Now there are financial institutions, both federal and private, who are willing to support these students by providing them with black women scholarships.
A sum of amount will be allotted in the form of scholarship that will help them to pay up their tuition fees, as it is a known fact that education in the United States is very expensive. This will be based on their merit and their academic performance. Another positive point is they will not have to pay back the grant.

The General Criteria for Applying for Black Women Scholarships

For every scholarship, there are certain points that one need to follow and maintain. Even when an academician is willing to apply for programs providing grants to them, there are certain eligibility criteria for applying and then achieving the scholarship.
For applying:

  1. Read the application form thoroughly and check for the criteria they are looking for.
  2. It is restricted only to the specific group of sex and nationality (African American, Nigerian, South African, Asian women only).
  3. There are specified courses that one can apply.
  4. Depending on the type of scholarship like undergraduate, graduate, PhD, the GPA and the grant amount will vary.

Selection eligibility:
Once the application is accepted and short-listed maintaining all the criteria, the rest depends on the academician:

  1. Produce all original documents.
  2. Make sure all that was stated in the form is true.
  3. Do not manipulate any information.
  4. Get a proper recommendation from your university or high school authority.
  5. Clear the interview round confidently and focus on your potential.

All these will be enough to get you through the process of availing scholarships for black women.

How to Get Scholarships for Black Women and Avoid Scams

Tricks and scams are one terrifying part of every process, but let that not be a hurdle in your part to attain a better future via scholarship:

  • There are financial aids available in college and universities where you can go and talk about the different grant programs those are available.
  • Federal or local agencies have also set up plans and programs to allow grants for those underprivileged sections of black women. You can apply there for a scholarship under the same section.
  • Online website and school search engines collect massive grants for scholarships and they have a different reservation always kept for women falling under the distressed category of racism.

With all these, you can now be certain of your career and apply for your desired discipline that will help you in building a better academic and professional career. There is a list of authentic black women scholarships, which you can avail. Read below!

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Featured Scholarships for Black Women
Scholarship Name Scholarship Value Deadline
Couponbirds "Help to Save" Scholarship $500 10/21/2017
Ready, Set, Create!: Upcoming Fellowship and Residency Opportunities $1,500 honorarium unspecified
Charlotte McGuire Education Scholarship Award Program $10,000 unspecified
American Association of University Women (AAUW) - Selected Professions Fellowships


EAR Postdoctoral Fellowship (EAR-PF) $87,000 01/12/2017
Generation Google Scholarship $10,000 01/15/2017
AT&T Labs Fellowship Program unspecified 01/15/2017
Thurgood Marshall Dissertation Fellowship $25,000 02/01/2017
Pre-Doctoral Fellowship $30,000 03/01/2017
P.O. Pistilli Undergraduate Scholarship for Advancement in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering $4,000 March 7
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