College Opportunities & Scholarships for Left Handed People

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So, what is the new way of celebrating equality and empowerment? It’s definitely scholarships for left handed people! It has been revealed that almost 13% of the entire American population of 20-year-old is born left-handed, making them a minority in the society. Since funding forms to be a major issue in the course of higher studies, there are various agencies offering scholarships through which lefties can benefit. Thus, you can easily avail a left-handed scholarship to pursue your educational goals.

What Are Left Handed Scholarships

Educational grants and scholarships have the motive of helping various minority groups like female students, senior citizens and lefties. These left-handed scholarships have been specially designed for people born as lefties. Such scholarships prove to be a sort of financial assistance in your path to educational achievement. From pursuing undergraduate programs to that of post-doctoral degrees, if you are a left-handed person, you can easily avail this.
There are various institutions and agencies - both private and public that offer scholarships to lefties. Not only can you have educational benefits from these scholarships, but you can even enjoy various other privileges of being left-handed. Several colleges and universities have now set up basic learning amenities. Thus, if you are a left-handed person who is reading this article, quickly gather necessary information for such awards.

The General Criteria for Applying for Left Handed Scholarships

There are various requirements which need to be fulfilled to be an eligible candidate. Remember that if you ignore certain vital areas (which are important for a scholarship), you may lose your chance to enjoy the same. So, what is the basic criterion to apply for such financial awards? It is true that each scholarship has its own criteria. However, these were the basic conditions which you need to fulfill in every scholarship.

  • Being a left-handed person is the first and foremost criteria
  • Meeting admission requirements of that particular college/university
  • A consistent academic background with excellent grades in all subjects
  • Matching specific requirements of a particular subject
  • Should have uniqueness revealed through various opportunities throughout the academic career (because lefties are more creative)
  • The total family income of the student

How to Get Scholarships for Left Handed People and Avoid Scams

You can have authentic scholarships by contacting some reliable sources like:

  1. Grants from government and private agencies. Get in touch with various agencies both at the government as well as private level that offer educational benefits to lefties.
  2. Financial aid. Visit your college or university’s financial assistance office and ask the authorities about left handed scholarships. This can be the best trustworthy source!
  3. Online resources. Go online and check out websites which provide lists of scholarships for lefties. However, you need to be aware of scams of some websites!

You can avoid scholarship scams with following tips:

  • Avoid any monetary payment. Be aware of sources where you are asked to pay money for availing scholarships. Remember that the motive of a scholarship is to provide you financial assistance and not extract money!
  • Usage of flowery statements. Sources which you find too hard to believe are indeed better not to believe! There are scammers who use flowery language to attract students.

Check out the list below to know about authentic scholarships for left handed people and proceed with your educational goals.

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Scholarship Name Scholarship Value Deadline
Juniata's Financial Aid Offerings For The Left-handed $1,000 to $1,500 Unspecified
Couponbirds "Help to Save" Scholarship $500 10/21/2017
The Pell Grant Unspecified Before the April deadline of each academic year
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