College Opportunities & Scholarships for Moms

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Every mother is a hero in herself for the amount of effort she puts behind making a family as well as establishing herself in the professional world. This is a remarkable capability that every mother possesses. To celebrate their hard work and support those with better educational qualifications, there are scholarships for moms. This is a boon to every woman who aspires to achieve academic excellence and plan for a more stable career. These scholarships will help them to grow as a stronger and more independent mother.

What Are Moms Scholarships

There are educational grants given to mothers so that they can overcome the financial hurdle and pursue higher qualification. Affording the expenses of education is a big deal for most women, but with the help of mother scholarships, they will be able to pay the tuition fees without much trouble.

There Are Different Scholarships Available for Moms Like:

  • Education Support Award
  • Abby's Closet Dreams Can Come True Scholarship
  • Adobe Research Women in Technology Scholarship
  • AAUW Return to Learning Scholarships

These scholarships will help all the mums to carry forward with their dreams and not worry about paying back the grant money. The only return these sponsors expect from the academicians approved for the scholarship is that they will concentrate on their education and will come up stronger as a woman.

The General Criteria for Applying for Mother Scholarships

Being a mother needs a great deal of work, but in spite of that consideration there are certain criteria one needs to qualify to be eligible:

  1. Academic record. They should maintain a good grade and GPA throughout their academic career to prove their interest and merit in education.
  2. Category. These are special scholarships, which will be only provided to mothers. In case they find any manipulation done with their documents or information, applicants will not be approved for the scholarship.
  3. Selected discipline. Being under the category of special scholarships, there are selected disciples offering education grant program. So if they want to pursue a career in academics, they have to choose from the given category of selected universities.
  4. Qualification. For mother scholarships, they have to qualify the basic degree of education that is a high school final examination. Along with that, every scholarship program will have different grant amount considering what the student is applying. Example: the grant amount for undergraduate will certainly not be that they will get for pursuing PhD.

How to Get Scholarships for Moms and Avoid Scams

The scholarships for moms are provided by four most authentic sources:

  • Government Grant: These are specially designed programs of the federal official who will take care of the educational expenses and will encourage these aspiring mothers to do better with their academic life.
  • Private organizations: There is a certain finance educational group of the private organization which encourages mothers to take up education again without stopping because of financial hurdles.
  • Universities: Most of the significant universities have a separate branch to bring financial aid to women who are not able to afford their education.
  • Scholar search engines: Though they are not the holder of scholarships, they collect a massive amount of grants from different sponsors willing to encourage mothers in academics.

Check the list given below to know more about scholarships for moms and get the desired degree that you have always aspired to achieve.

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Featured Scholarships for Moms
Scholarship Name Scholarship Value Deadline
Education Support Award $5,000 August 1
Memorable TV Moment Scholarship $1,000 November 8
Single Mother Scholarship $1,000 December 5
Single Mother Scholarship $1,000 December 5
Mommy Goes to College $1,000 December 31
Financial Success for Single Mothers Scholarship $750 October 1
Safe Driver Scholarship $500 August 31
White Collar Defense Diversity Scholarship $500 September 1
Dick and Janette Compton varies 06/30/2017
Sabanci University Undergraduate Scholarships for International Students in Turkey, 2017-2018 Unspecified 08/01/2017
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