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Since years, minorities have always been deprived of the opportunities to make their lives comfortable. Like many others, Native American Indians too have been excluded from the luxury of education. But as it is said, "Those days have gone now". Today, many federal, private and other such institutions have taken up this responsibility to encourage enthusiastic students for coming ahead. If you belong to this minority group and are willing to pursue higher studies, you don't have to worry about financial support. American Indian Native American scholarships are there to support you.

What Are Native American Indian Scholarships

Native Americans or American Indians face this challenge of having access to higher education after their elementary schooling. More so because of proper monetary support that they lack. But, through these scholarship programs, you will be rewarded with financial aid to pay your tuition fees.
Today, there are varieties of such monetary gifts specifically for the Native American Indian students to continue their studies. The reason why scholarships are a preferable option than student loans is that you don't have to refund the money given. So, there are no risks of being in debt. It's time to come forward and be an asset to your nation!

The General Criteria for Applying for Native American Indian Scholarships

Not anyone from this community can go and apply for it. There are certain eligibility criteria that you have to fulfill.

  1. Prove that you are, as a minimum, ¼ American Indian; supporting with valid documents.
  2. You need to apply for CDIB (Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood) to the Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs.
  3. You should successfully pass your High school.
  4. Throughout your academic career so far, you should maintain excellent grade.
  5. You must pass the interview test.
  6. You should have the original copies of all the other necessary documents required.

Apart from this, you should have a strong desire to do well in the discipline and build a self-dependent career. However, these were only the general conditions of applying. Different scholarships have different requirements that you should check before applying for it. Few Native American scholarships are:

  • American Indian Services
  • Catching the Dream
  • Colorado River Indian Tribes
  • AISES scholarships
  • BHP Billiton Scholarship, etc.

How to Get Scholarships for Native American Indian and Avoid Scams

  1. Go to your institution's office. Your institution's financial support center is always there to provide you with information on Native American scholarship programs. You would get authentic guidance from them.
  2. Go to agencies. There are agencies supported by government who can help you to get scholarships for the prominent colleges and universities.
  3. Go for online websites. As the most convenient option, you can find lists of scholarship programs for Native American Indians in authentic websites online.

However, beware of fraudsters who will attract students with lucrative offers, 100% guarantee and minimum amount of fees for applying. Remember, none of these are required for getting a scholarship other than your merit.
With these facilities, you can now beat the odds and achieve your dream career more conveniently. Grab the opportunity and prove your potential. You can check out scholarships for Native Americans listed below.

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Featured Scholarships for Native American
Scholarship Name Scholarship Value Deadline
California Alliance Postdoctoral Fellowships for Underreprented Scholars in Math, Physical Sciences, & Engineering $55,000-70,000 salary, depending on field and level of experience. Anticipated 11/2017 ( Previous deadline 11/1/2016 )
School for Advanced Research (SAR) - Doctoral and Postdoctoral Resident Scholars Awards $30,000-50,000 stipend Anticipated 11/2017 ( Previous deadline 11/1/2016 )
Ford Foundation - Postdoctoral Fellowships $45,000 stipend. Anticipated 11/2017 ( Previous deadline 11/10/2016 )
Resident Scholar Fellowships $40,000 11/07/2017
Ford Foundation - Dissertation Fellowships $25,000 stipend. Anticipated 11/2017 ( Previous deadline 11/10/2016 )
Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship for Minorities $24,000 November 14
Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowship for Minorities $24,000 November 14
Regents Health Care Scholarship for Medicine and Dentistry $10,000 May 31
Cobell Scholarship for Native Americans Up to $10,000. Anticipated 6/2017 ( Previous deadline 6/1/2016 )
FINE Fellowship $10,000 July 1
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