College Opportunities & Scholarships for Veterans

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Scholarships for veterans are a way to pay respect to these brave souls who serve the country and strengthen the national security. Irrespective of their designation, all the men and women, their families get a grant as a form of honor for fulfilling their duty so religiously. Also, this helps them pursue their academic career that might not have been possible for everyone to afford; in one-word education is "expensive". This way they can serve the country as well as explore new opportunities to find great success in their career.

What Are Veteran Scholarships

The honors that government wants to provide to all the military personnel in the form of educational grants are scholarships for veterans. This is mainly provided by the federal system and can be achieved easily. Now, there are private organizations and even universities who have joined hands in allotting scholarships to these military personnels.
Some remarkable scholarship programs for them are:

  1. Military Child of the Year Award
  2. Park Foundation Scholarship
  3. Freedom Scholarship
  4. AMVET National Scholarship Program
  5. American Legion Scholarship
  6. Military Order of the Purple Heart Scholarship

The General Criteria for Applying for Veteran Scholarships

This is a specifically designed scholarship program for the military personality and they too have some eligibility criteria that they need to fulfill.

  1. They should have been in the service or someone of their blood relation is in the army. This is both applicable for men and women.
  2. They should have at least some form of higher education certificate; minimum is a high school degree.
  3. The applicants must have a good review on their nature of behavior, dedication and service for the scholarship to be approved.
  4. They should provide a personal letter or written documentation of the fact that they do not possess the condition that educational debt has created, as a barrier in pursuing their aspired degree.
  5. The one who is serving or the member of the family applying for this scholarship should not have any criminal record or any such accusation which can question one’s sincerity.
  6. Forgery of documents or manipulation of information regarding this matter will be handled very strictly. If found guilty under these terms, they will never be able to apply for scholarship again.

These are basic rules and criteria that one needs to maintain properly without which they won’t be able to get the scholarship approved.

How to Get Scholarships for Veterans and Avoid Scams

Veterans scholarships are provided by federal system or the government mostly. This is why if you are being manipulated by some unknown organization; do not fall into their trap. No matter how lucrative their offer might sound, always get a background check done. How to check on them:

  • One can know about them from their previous or present educational institute’s career counselor.
  • Go for a thorough online research.
  • Also, as this is official, you have all the right to go to the respective government office and inquire about the scholarship program and their sponsors.

With all these, you will be able to start your educational career as well as maintain your service for the country. In case someone from your family is availing this, they will have to maintain the same eligibility criteria along with the required GPA for getting scholarships for veterans. For more information, doubts and inquiry; check the list given below.

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Featured Scholarships for Veterans
Scholarship Name Scholarship Value Deadline
Core Fulbright US Scholar Program $44,000 08/01/2017
Student Veterans for America (SVA) - Scholarships in STEM and Management-Related Fields


Anticipated 11/2017 ( Previous deadline 11/4/2016 )
Korean American Scholarship Fund (KASF) $500-5,000.

Anticipated 7/2017 ( Previous deadline 7/8/2016 )
Disabled War Veterans Scholarships $2,500 November 13.
Thomas J. Henry Leadership Scholarship Program $1,000 Spring Semester Deadline: July 1 Fall Semester Deadline: November 1
Feldman Law Firm Disabled Veterans Scholarships $1,000 November 10.
Scholarships for Veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder $1,000 November 14.
BM1 James Elliott Williams Memorial Scholarship Fund Unspecified August 15
Presidential Management Fellows Program unspecified 10/15/2017
Leslie C. Green Veterans Scholarships Unspecified October 30.
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